EUR Data Management Group

Welcome to the DMG-Homepage

The DMG (Data Management Group) is a sub-group of the EUR ICAO METG (Meteorology Group). To find out more about the ICAO itself, we recommend you to visit the ICAO-Homepage.

What is the DMG?

The DMG is existing for more than 20 years. Some basic information about the history of this group can be found under "About the DMG". The actual tasks, defined and agreed upon by the METG, can be found under "Terms of Reference (ToRs). Of course you can also find an actual member list as well as the final reports of previous meetings.

The DMG developed several procedures for which we provide some additional inforamtion via this website as well as interactive tools.

You can also find a separate section for the upcoming issue for OPMET-data to be coded in IWXXM. You will find some background information, links to documents and official websites. It is planned to additionally add a list of FAQs.

You have questions which are nt answered by he website. Feel free to contact the DMG directly.