EUR Data Management Group

Regional OPMET-Databank Catalogue

A huge amount of OPMET-bulletins are circulated within the EUR-region. If a NOC is identifying any missing OPMET-data or additional data is needed (e.g. due to a users request) it should contact the responsible ROC via phone or mail.

The DMG is presently working on improving this procedure. The idea is, that in future each NOC in the EUR-region will be able to request the required data online by simply check-marking it. Of course, it should also be possible to uncheck data not needed anymore.

After saving the NOCs changes (update-requests), those will automatically be forwarded to the responsible colleagues at the responsible ROC for further treatment. As soon as the request has been taken care of a message will be sent back with all important information like the new bulletin header(s) that can be expected, containing the requested data. If a NOC has asked to remove data, a similar information will be generated to inform about the completion of the task.