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DMG Warning Monitoring

The Warning Monitoring is part of the DMG-Monitoring Procedure. Detailed information on the whole procedure can be found in the EUR Doc 018, App. C.

When does the Warning Monitoring take place?

The Warning Monitoring is part of the DMG-Monitoring which is performed each year from the 1st until the 14th February. The focal point issues a reminding e-mail at least 2 weeks before the actual monitoring date in order to raise the awareness of participants. The warning monitoring itself is performed in two parts:

The procedure in short

On the first monitoring day,

On the second monitoring day,

From experience it can be said, that not all MWOs in the EUR-region participate and issue test messages. Therefore, the period for the monitoring activity starts on both days already at 00:00 UTC and stops at 12:00 UTC in order to maybe capture some real SIGMET- or SPECIAL AIREP-messages from centres not issuing test messages.

In the past all NOCs have been asked to participate at the Warning Monitoring Exercise by providing monitoring results. Due to different reasons, this has been reduced to:

After each monitoring the results will be made availble via this website (see below), enabling also NOCs and other interested parties to review the results and to compare it with warning messages received locally during these two days. By that, users will be able to identify any missing warning message they were expecting to receive. In case a NOC identifies such an issue, the responsible ROC should be contacted for further actions.

The detailed "Warning Monitoring Procedure" can be found in EUR Doc 018, Appendix C, chapter C.9. The latest version of that document can be found on the ICAO-Paris Homepage (Path: EUR/NAT Documents / EUR Documents / EUR Documents / 018 - OPMET Handbook).

Warning Monitoring Results and National Focal Point Information

Choose option What to expect
National Focal Point(s)By choosing a State you will be presented with the contact-details of the national Warning Monitoring Focal Point(s) of that State. These will be informed prior to the monitoring and as soon as the new monitoring results are available.

In case the provided information is not correct, please inform the Warning Monitoring Focal Point.

Monitoring results Latest WS-Monitoring (EUR/NAT data)
Latest WV-Monitoring (EUR/NAT data)
Latest WS-Monitoring (All received data)
Latest WV-Monitoring (All received data)
By choosing one of the four provided options, a Cross-Reference List of all received bulletins and the centres, providing monitoring results (as defined in ICAO EUR Doc 018), will be displayed. The results can be downloaded in .csv-format.