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DMG Warning Monitoring

The Warning Monitoring is part of the DMG-Monitoring Procedure. Detailed information on the whole procedure can be found in the EUR Doc 018, App. C.

When does the warning monitoring take place?

The warning monitoring is part of the DMG-Monitoring which is performed each year from the 1st until the 14th February. The focal point issues a reminding E-mail at least 2 weeks before the actual monitoring date in order to raise the awareness of participants. The warning monitoring itself is performed in two parts:

The procedure in short

At the monitoring day, each participating MWO will issue a SPECIAL AIREP-test-message at 10:00 UTC. After that the centre will issue the SIGMET-test-message. These messages will, in a perfect established and set up exchange system, be monitored by all centres in the EUR-region.

From experience it can be said, that not all MWOs in the EUR-region participate and issue test messages. Therefore the period for the monitoring activity starts already at 08:00 UTC and stops at 12:00 UTC in order to try to capture some real SIGMET-messages or SPECIAL AIREP messages from centres not issuing test messages.

A special .csv-format is the favoured way to provide the results to the focal point. This format facilitates the automatic processing and presentation via this website (see further below). As not all centres are able to provide the monitoring results in this format, there is also an EXCEL-sheet available which can be used to provide the results. This EXCEL-sheet must not be altered in order to facilitate the automated analysing. Detailed information on how to use the EXCEL-sheet, especially the one with macros, can be found in the Warning Monitoring Procedure.

The detailed "Warning Monitoring Procedure" can be found in EUR Doc 018, Appendix C, chapter C.9. The latest version of that document can be found on and downloaded from the ICAO-Paris Homepage (Path: EUR/NAT Documents / EUR Documents / EUR Documents / 018 - OPMET Handbook). Below you can download the before mentioned EXCEL-files (with and without macros) as well as an example for a .csv-file.

Title Download
EXCEL-Sheet for Monitoring Results with Makros
EXCEL-Sheet for Monitoring Results without Makros
Example for .csv file

Request Warning Monitoring Information

Choose optionWhat to expect
GeneralBy choosing "General" you will be able to request details on the national Warning Monitoring Focal Points assigned by states. You will also be able to retrieve the states requests in regard to the provision of SIGMETs (WS/WV), Advisories (FV/FK/FN) and SPECIAL AIREPS (UA).
Results (Choose a date!)By choosing "Results" together with a date of the latest monitoring exercise, you will be able to request details for the past exercises. This can be done on state level or also by getting a general overview (cross-reference table with all received headers and results). Furthermore there are special presentation for ROCs which can be used as basis for investigations in case of messages beeing not received by certain centres in their Area of Responsibility.