EUR Data Management Group

Distribution Determination for OPMET-Data

This page and the selectable lists below are based on the information in EUR DOC 018, Appendix E. This Appendix advises on the distribution criteria for Routine and Non-Routine OPMET data and AFTN address details to be used in the EUR Region. The distribution of OPMET data in the European Region is delegated to the National OPMET Centres (NOCs) and the Regional OPMET Centres (ROCs) Centres.

The selectable lists will provide information per NOC, ROC, IROG or RODB including WMO-Area Code, intra-regional and inter-regional responsible ROC or IROG & AFTN addressing to be used for OPMET distribution or Service Messages. If you encounter any wrong information or if you have questions, please contact us.

Please be aware that the following tools are in a Draft-Version state

Info about NOCsInfo about ROCsInfo about IROGsInfo about RODBs

Graphical Presentation

Following is a graphical presentation of the EUR-RODEX-system. Please take a look at the clickable legend for details on interpreting the symbols.