EUR Data Management Group

Important Links

On this page we provide links to other websites we deam to be important and/or interesting. Feel free to contact us if you think you found any useful link, that could be mentioned here.

Short Description Explanation
EUR DOC 018 Direct link to the bibel of the DMG, the EUR OPMET Data Managment Handbook. In this document you will find a description of the whole EUR-RODEX system, including all the procedures developed and used by the DMG.
EUR DOC 014 Direct link to the EUR SIGMET and AIRMET Guide. It describes in detail the responsibilities as well as the format to be used for SIGMET and AIRMET messages, including all the abbreviations which can be used. One can also find a list all SIGMET and AIRMET headers used in the EUR-region as well as special guidelines for reporting geographical coordinates.
EUR DOC 033 Direct link to the Guidelines for the Implementation of OPMET Data Exchange using IWXXM in the EUR Region. This document gives some background information on IWXXM and also informs about the differences between the actual TAC-data and the future IWXXM-data exchange.
ICAO EUR documents This is the general link to all the guidance material especially for the EUR-region, hosted on the ICAO Paris website. Besides the above mentioned you can e.g. find EUR DOC 001 (EANPG Handbook) or the EUR DOC 017 (All Weather Operations).
Coding/Decoding the Abbreviated Header This link leads you to the WMO-website where you can find information on how to code & decode a bulletin header (addreviated header). It is an part of the WMO 386 (Manual on the GTS).
IWXXM-2 WIKI In this Wiki, provided by WMO, you can find details about the IWXXM 2.0. Besides a change record and links to the registry, you will also find tutorials for the supported data types.
IWXXM Google Group You have specific questions in regard to IWXXM for which you need an expert. This Google-group is the right place to go to.