EUR Data Management Group

DMG Monitoring

The OPMET Monitoring is part of the DMG-Monitoring Procedure. Detailed information on the whole subject can be found in the EUR Doc 018, App. C.

General Information

The DMG OPMET-monitoring is performed each year from the 1st until the 14th February. The monitoring is divided into a Routine OPMET data monitoring (first three days) and a Non-Routine OPMET data monitoring (whole 14 days period). At the moment only TAC-data is monitored. IWXXM-data is planned to be integrated by February 2024.

The following OPMET data types are monitored:

The DMG-focal point collects the results of the participating centres. All results are analysed and proposals for actions generated with the goal to improve the OPMET data exchange within the EUR-region. Besides the following list of centres, which are required to participate to this monitoring exercise, any NOC can, on a voluntary basis, participate and provide monitoring results. In case you are interested, please contact your responsible ROC for further information.

The results are presented during the DMG-meeting in March to discussed further actions, especially in cases where structural problems were identified. Any identified and confirmed issue will lead to an action to open a ticket via the DMG Problem Handling Procedure tool.