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Data Update Procedure (METNO)

Update-Procedure Flow-Chart

The detailed Data Update Procedure can be found in EUR ICAO Doc.018, Appendix B. The intend of this page is to inform about the most important issues in regard to register or unregister OPMET-data.


In order to have an overview of the actual available alphanumeric OPMET-data within the ICAO-EUR region, without performing monitoring exercises all the time, the Data Update Procedure has been implemented.

All changes to the OPMET-data production should be reported by NOCs (National OPMET Centre) to the responsible ROC (Regional OPMET Centre). The ROC will check the proposed changes and after that send the information further on to the DMG-Focal Point.

The DMG-FP collects all change requests and provide those to the DMG members. After acceptance by the DMG-memebers, the changes will officially be sent via a METNO-message one week before the next AIRAC-date.

The operational implementation is taking place on AIRAC dates at 11:00 UTC.

Next 5 AIRAC-dates (at 11:00 UTC)
23.05.201920.06.201918.07.2019Summer Recess12.09.2019

As stated above and also depicted in the below flow chart, the procedure is linked to the AIRAC-cycle. Changes should as far as possible be implemented on those days. Sometimes it is not possible to stick to those. In urgent cases, where changes need to be announced within short time, an EXTRA METNO may be issued by the DMG-focal point after agreement by the DMG.

Requesting New Data

If there is a need for requesting new data, either from the EUR-Region or from other ICAO-regions, an additional procedure has to be used. Please have a look in the EUR Doc.018, Appendix B, chapter B.3 for details.

If you have any questions or want to co-ordiante any changes in your OPMET-data production, do not hesitate to contact your responsible ROC.


Following you have the possibility to search for METNO-messages. You can use different combinations to search for data. If you do not select any of the below parameters, you will get the complete list of all METNO-messages that have ever been issued. You can download this information also as a WORD-file (MetnoOverviewAll.doc). This document also includes a list of all registered bulletins until today. If you want to know which bulletins have been registered for a certain location indicator, you are free to use our Search-Tool.

Location Indicator Data Type (T1T2) Country Code (A1A2) Header CCCC Year Month