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IWXXM Implementation Status in the EUR/NAT-Region

Following you have the possibility to get information on the IWXXM/AMHS-implementation status within the EUR/NAT-Region. The information is based on replies by states to the two ICAO-Paris initiated surveys as well as direct co-ordination between the ROCs and the states in their Area of Responsibility. During METG/30 the actual status, as far as known, was presented by the DMG. The METG decided, that ICAO-Paris shall issue another state letter, urging states to provide feedback on the implementation status.


The provided information is not meant to blame any state. We are all aware, that the transition to IWXXM and furthermore the necessary provision of the new data format via extended AMHS is a big change and therefore has a big impact to states, not only technically but also financially. Especially for the DMG as well as for ICAO it is very important to have up-to-date information as it has also an impact for the future work and projects.

In case a state is not in the position to provide IWXXM, either because the generation is not yet working or the capability to use ext. AMHS is not available, we want to remind you that the ROCs offer the possibility to sign a "TAC to IWXXM Translation Agreement". If you want to use this service, which is to be provided until November 2021 free of any cost, please download the form from the ICAO-website or contact your ROC-representative for further information and co-ordination.

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