EUR Data Management Group

About the DMG

First there was the BMG

The BMG was established in 1996, based on an agreement formulated at MOTNEG/2. The reason was, that the MOTNEG identified the need for a working group, taking care of the management of the OPMET-data exchange within the ICAO/EUR region. The group should review existing requirements and respond in a controlled way to planned changes of those. The first ToRs where the following:

The initial members of the BMG where MOTNEG members from

From the MOTNEG to METG

For 5 years the BMG acted as a working group of the MOTNEG. In 2001 the decision was taken to dissolve the parent group. This was brought to the attention of EANPG/43 with the suggestion, that the BMG should be continued as a sub-group of the METG, which was approved.

Within the years 2007-2010 the MOTNE structure was reviewed by the BMG, which consisted of 11 MOTNE-centres. Within a short time, it was clear that this setup was inefficient, especially when taking into consideration today's technology. The discussion led to the conclusion, that it will be enough to have 3 main centres within the EUR-region to fulfil the needs of inter-regional OPMET-data exchange. The BMG decided that those three centres are:

The data exchange system was renamed from MOTNE into EUR-RODEX. With its new structure the possibility was identified to implement a backup procedure to overcome an outage of one of the ROCs. This procedure is planned to be in place by the end of 2021.

That was also the moment, when BMG was renamed (after 38 meetings) into DMG. Also the composition and the number of members changed (from 13 to 8). Of course, all does changes were accepted and agreed upon by the METG during METG/20 (06.-10.09.2010). The first meeting of that renewed group took place in October 2010. Current members and their roles can be found under DMG-Members.

Actual tasks and developments

There is a number of regular tasks (like data monitoring exercises) performed by the DMG. Throughout the last years two topics mainly kept the group busy:

This is also reflected in the DMG Terms of Reference as well as in the Work Program, defined and agreed by METG. This can be found on the respective page on this website.