EUR Data Management Group

Problem Handling Procedure

The DMG set up a procedure to handle problems related to collection, dissemination and accessibility of OPMET data within the EUR-region in a co-ordinated and efficient way.

Problems reported to the DMG will be classified by the Problem Handling Manager.

The possible classifications are presented in the following picture:


Functions within the PHP

There are several functions existing within the PHP. The following picture shows the relation between all of those.


Function Description
User: An PHP-User is reporting a problem(s) to the Problem Reporter.
A problem can be raised by the following users:
  • An authorised aeronautical user: National OPMET Centre, airliner, …
  • A Regional OPMET Centre;
  • A Member of the Bulletin Management Group;
  • A Sub-Group of the BMG;
  • Any organisation recognised by ICAO;
  • A State
Problem Reporter: Throughout this procedure, the Problem Reporter shall be either:
  • An ICAO (recognised) Organisation;
  • A Regional OPMET Centre;
  • A DMG Member.
Problem Handling Manager: The DMG assigns at least one Problem Handling Manager (PHM) and a backup. A PHM determines the work domain over which he or she will be fully responsible as the first contact person in line to and from the Problem Reporter standing in for the end users. A PHM can delegate or share responsibilities per Types of problems to other PHMs. For each problem, when structural, the PHM responsible for that Type of problems assigns a Problem Handler for investigation and responsive actions towards a solution. The responsible PHM decides whether or not a problem submitted to the DMG is eligible for further handling following the procedure.
Problem Archive Manager: A Problem Archive Manager can be assigned for generating reports from the PHP archive.
Problem Handler: Per Problem Type, the DMG provides for one or more possible Problem Handler(s) one of which the PHM will designate for initiating an investigation. The Problem Handler suggests possible solutions to the Problem Reporter who submitted the problem. A Problem Handler can ask an expert for assistance.
Consultant Expert: A Problem Handler can request a Consultant Expert for assistance in the investigation of a problem. A Consultant Expert need not be a DMG Member and communications with the DMG are led via the Problem Handler of the problem case.

If you experience any problem that does no fit into the above described classification schema or if you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Problem Handling Ticketing Application


The backbone of the PHP is the web-application procvided and hostet by Belgocontrol. This tool is used to handle all reported problems which have been identified by the problem handling manager as incidential or structural. The tool is used to assign problems to a problem handler, track all actions, prepare reports regarding all open problems,...

Of course a user can also retrieve already solved and closed tickets if needed.