EUR Data Management Group

DMG Terms of Reference

Each year, at the METG-meeting in September, the Terms of References are reviewed, adjusted and adopted by the meeting. Besides the ToRs, also the Work Program for the next year is reviewed. Those two items can be found on this page.

Terms of Reference and Composition as agreed by METG/32


EUR Bulletin Management Group (BMG) replaced by EUR Data Management Group (METG Decision 20/06 refers, METG/20 held from 6-10 Sep 2010 in Paris)


The Data Management Group of the METG (DMG) was established by METG to optimize and manage OPMET data distribution within the EUR Region as well as interregional OPMET distribution to and from the EUR Region.

Composition of the DMG

One to two experts from

Note: A limited number of experts from States (beyond the above listed participating states) may at times be necessary to support complex DMG activities. Additionally, MID ROC/IROG Jeddah and back-up ROC/IROC Bahrain are encouraged to participate in DMG meetings, when deemed necessary.


Three meetings are scheduled each year, noting that ICAO support is expected for three meetings per year. The participation of the nominated experts to those three DMG meetings is mandatory. One or two additional meetings dealing with specific topics can be scheduled, if deemed necessary by DMG.


Parent group

The DMG reports to the METG.

Updates to the DMG procedures, composition and terms of reference are subject to approval by the METG.

Work Program of the EUR OPMET Data Management Group (DMG): 2023-2024

Ref. Title/Brief description Deliverables Milestone/Target Date
1 EUR OPMET data management updates i) Provide updates EUR OPMET data / reports bulletins on a monthly basis at AIRAC dates, insertion, deletion of bulletins and reports. Recurrent Task
ii) Publication of OPMET data in accordance with the required procedures; Recurrent Task
iii) Maintain and update a Database for agreed exchanged OPMET data (RODEX catalogue); Recurrent Task
iv) Conduct standard monitoring of OPMET data for AOP aerodromes (including issuance and reception of normal and VA SIGMET, TC SIGMET, regular and irregular data) and report results in accordance with the required procedures. Recurrent Task
2 Addressing of EUR and non-EUR OPMET data i) Manage and co-ordinate overall EUR Region addressing scheme for both regional and interregional OPMET data; Recurrent Task
ii) Initiate Action Plans to obtain data to meet defined requirements (OPMET data for AOP aerodromes maintained in eANP Volume II Table MET II-2 and OPMET data for non-AOP aerodromes maintained by DMG); and Recurrent Task
iii) Coordinate with the States, ICAO Regional Office and other ICAO regions (through the Regional Office) on activities required to improve interregional exchange of data and provide a report to METG. Recurrent Task
3 Report on performance indices for OPMET data i) Report on Performance Indices including availability and timeliness of OPMET data for AOP aerodromes and FIR/UIR on AFTN/AMHS and SADIS as per eANP Vol III; Recurrent Task
ii) Identify deficiencies in reception and delivery of data. Report results to METG and WG/MOG (SADIS/WAFS); Recurrent Task
iii) Assist MET Service providers in the EUR region, by implementing the appropriate tools to present indices about timeliness and availability, and by monitoring deficiencies in delivery of OPMET data including format/coding compliance and report to METG. Recurrent Task
iv) Provide lists of systematically wrong formatted /coded OPMET data through PHP, provide a report and coordinate with the respective ICAO Regional Office on maintaining a list of OPMET related deficiencies for AOP aerodromes. METG/34
4 RODEX Manage the RODEX including:
i) Provide and maintain ROC Contingency arrangements; Recurrent Task
ii) Provide updates to the RODC System Design Specification to the EUR DOC 014 and EUR DOC 018. Recurrent Task
5 SWIM i) Support the implementation of IWXXM including the maintenance of EUR DOC 033 (Guidelines for the implementation of OPMET Data Exchange Using IWXXM in the EUR region). Take into consideration input from WG/MIE and IMP and coordinate with other regional (e.g. AST/TF) and inter-regional groups. Recurrent Task
ii) IWXXM implementation report to be provided to EUR METG on States hosting ROCs/IROGs/RODNs. METG/34
iii) Using IWXXM survey result and other suitable means, participate in the development of a regional implementation plan which may include regional/interregional workshop(s); METG/34
iv) Follow SWIM developments from WG/MIE and other relevant groups, and assist in deriving an implementation plan in the EUR region for SWIM Recurrent Task